Top Sisters are on top of the ladder

Takunda D. Ndumiyana

Top Lee and Top Maiza

THE festive season of 2020 in south east Zimbabwe can be humbly referred to as Marhungula time following an afro disco song by the same name that became an instant hit if not an anthem.

From homestead to homestead, people would sing along the Tsonga (Xangani) track which hails south eastern traditional leaders such as chiefs Mahenye, Tshovani, Sengwe, Garahwa just to name but a few.

Marhungula was sung by Top Sisters which comprises of siblings Top Maiza and Top Lee. The duo hails from Mahenye in Chipinge south, Zimbabwe. Top Maiza was born Alice Kudzai Mthombeni 32 years ago as her youngster was born Lister Mthombeni 21 years ago.

In a interview with Business Wave from their Pretoria East base in South Africa, lead singer Top Maiza revealed that she started doing music 2017 before her youngster Top Lee joined her in 2018.

“We do Afro beat, house and Xibelana music. I released 20 songs on my own before Top Lee joined me in 2018. As Top Sisters, we released 17 songs other songs including the hit song Marhungula.

“Our other projects are Sei wakamusarudza, Un’wana mani, Love is the reason, Valala vamina, Maseve, Ndini ndakanaka, Khisimusi, Valentine’s day, Lock down, Makoti, Summer, Khongelani, Tavutomi, Kana aripo, Magaisa and Valehlengweni,” she said.

On how the duo feels about their success on /, Top Maiza indicated that they are thankful to the fans for supporting their trade.

“Our hit song, Marhungula makes us very happy. We are thankful for the support we are getting back home. We are planning to work with young artists so that we can leave a legacy. That is how we can give back to the community that raised us,” said the songstress.

The duo hasn’t done a video for their songs but plans are underway to shoot one in the near future. On what their fans should expect from them, the elder sister promised more quality productions.

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