RCCA members receive the trees

REFUGEEE Child’s Coalition for Climate Change (RCCA), a youth-led initiative that seeks to fight climate in Tongogara Refugee Camp and host communities in Chipinge, Zimbabwe has received a boost from United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

The UN refugee agency with other development partners donated a variety of trees to RCCA on February 10, 2023 which are earmarked to be planted this current rainy season.

RCCA Secretary, Prince Bashangezi expressed gratefulness on the support the organisation is receiving from the stakeholders.

“We are happy to announce that we received the following number of trees; 58 mango, 59 avocado, 30 lemon, 30 orange and 13 guava bringing the total to 190,” said Bashangezi.

Co-Assistant Team Leader responsible for Persons of Concern, Celyne Niyonagira revealed that the organisation is working closely with camp authorities.

“We are working closely with the Camp Administrator, Mr Johanne Mhlanga, whom we always consult for advice. RCCA shall plant the trees in the camp especially in Section 10,” said Celyne.

RCCA shall begin the tree planting exercise on Monday, 13 February this year.

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