“We leave no one behind”

“We leave no one behind”
Steve Ephraem

RCCA members collect tree from Green Institute

A Chipinge based youth-led organization, Green Institute, has indicated that it leaves no one behind as far as climate action is concerned.

Green Institute develops adaptation strategies that can reduce and mitigate the diverse and complex impacts of climate change through areas such as engaging communities on climate resilience, lobbying, advocacy for policy change in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Green Institute works with marginalised groups such as those with disabilities, women, youths and children

Speaking to this publication prior to an action packed week of re-greening project that shall take place starting tomorrow (28 November 2022), the organisation’s Co-Director, Blessing Matasva said the tree planting exercise in Tongogara Refugee Camp is part of their efforts to include persons of concern (refugees) in climate action and it leaves no one behind.

Green Institute Co-Director Blessing Matasva

“Trees are natural carbon capture and storage machines, absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere through photosynthesis then locking it up for centuries. It’s why reforestation and afforestation are touted as key solutions to the climate crisis

“Furthermore, the fruit trees if managed well can provide an alternative source of nutrition and improve their livelihoods by selling some of the fruits,” he said.

Green Institute in collaboration with Tongogara based Refugee Child’s Coalition for Climate Action (RCCA) shall plant trees in the refugee camp on Monday 28 November, Thursday 1 December 2022 and 3 December 2022.

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