We still need donations: Ndau FM

We still need donations: Ndau FM
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CHIPINGE’s own community radio, Ndau FM has sensationally claimed that it still requires donations to enable it to complete the construction of its radio studio.

This was revealed by the chairman of Ndau FM, Mr Donald Khumbana on 21 November 2022 when he was giving a progress report to the Ndau FM stakeholders in Chipinge.

“Construction of radio studio building [at Garahwa] is now at an advanced stage of ring beam. We are now facing a challenge of shortage of cement. This has since halted the completion of the structure. We are kindly appealling for more donations,” he said.

Mr Khumbula is humbled by the unity of purpose expressed by the communities.

“We are humbled by how women are participating in the project. They are doing all works to attain our goal. We thank Greenfuel for donating river sand for construction and all those who have supported our project by donating various items and time. I say let’s complete our race by donating more,” he added.

Ndau FM is one of the fourteen community radios that were licensed by Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe last year and is one of the two stations which were awarded to Chipinge district alongside Vemuganga FM. Chimanimani, Chiredzi and Nyanga districts received licences for Chimanimani FM, Avuxeni FM and Nyangani FM respectively.

Currently, Ndau FM, which is temporarily housed at Garahwa Primary School, has a staff compliment of 35 volunteer disk jockeys, presenters, engineers and news crew. It can be listened on 96.0 FM.

When the Ndau FM studio is complete, the radio station shall be one of the media houses in Zimbabwe to own its own building where it will also be operating from.

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