“We want to produce engineers from rural Bikita”


A director with a private college that has opened doors to the Bikita students claims that they aim at producing engineers from rural settings. The learning institution named First Choice College is located at Mbuya Nehanda in eastern Bikita.

“We have opened to college in order to cover the gap between urban areas and rural ones. We have a science department which is offering subjects that prepares students to become engineers in life. We want to produce engineers from rural areas. Gone is the era when engineering students had to move to towns in order to pursue their courses.

“In addition to the science department, we have arts and commercial department which prepares students on the economic sector as well as arts industry. Languages on offer include Chinese and French,” he said.

The First Choice director went further to indicate that their institution gives students a choice between taking Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (ZIMSEC) and Cambridge syllabi.

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