With God nothing is impossible: Wenyasha

Mendy Mandirahwe

A Chipinge based gospel singer, Clara Wenyasha feels that nothing is impossible as long as one has God’s favour. Clara is leader of a band called Soul Harvesters. She claims that her mission is to win souls.

“With God, nothing is impossible. If I look the journey of life I have been walking, I can testify that when God is on one’s side, life can change for the better,” she said.

Wenyasha was born Clara Chireshe in Zaka, Masvingo 36 years ago and is a primary school teacher in Chipinge. She sings in English, Shona, Ndebele, Xangani (Tsonga), Ndau and Venda languages.

Wenyasha started her music career in 2010 as a school choir coach but managed to record her first album early this year.

“I play hosho instrument and wishes to play the keyboard. I have recorded eight songs which produced my hit song Ndinosimuka. I work with two producers, Olin Anderson in Mutare and Lucky Kaparautsi in Harare.
“I have just released a single track is titled Hakuna.

“I feel that gospel music is making an impact in people’s lives as it gives hope to the hopeless and it can help change lives for better,” she added.

Wenyasha gives thanks to her fans, producers, her Apostle, band members, husband and her friends for standing with her.

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