Zaoga FIF Gaza Youth uphold Presidential clean-up campaign mantra


ZAOGA FIF Gaza Youth has today (April 7, 2023) participated in the national Presidential clean-up campaign. The team was led by District Pastor, Shingriston Maringapasi.

The ZAOGA Youth throughout the country are in the middle of Easter Conferences to where they will be commemorating and remembering the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

However, with the directive that came from the Zaoga National Executive Chairman, Apostle Dr Joseph Guti, church doors had to be closed between 0800hrs and 1000hrs in order for people to participate in the clean-up campaign. It is understoond that Environmental Management Agency (EMA) asked all churches to participate in the national event.

Today’s programme ran under the theme, ‘Promoting a clean environment through green gatherings, travelling and transportation’.

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